When it comes to Chinese restaurants and food in Madrid, they usually do not get much credit : Cheap and you know what is on the menu before you have entered the place.

Now, think different for Asia Gallery: Its inside the Westin Palace Hotel, one of the more representative hotels in Madrid center, now owned by Starwood Hotels. The Hotel itself is very old-school decorative 4-5 star, so not really my style, but Asia Gallery, one of their eateries inside is a nice surprise. Decorated in a very early last century chinese style with a mighty lantern occupying the center of the room, this restaurant may only sit around 60-70 people.

We got a 22:45 table, as it was well booked on the Friday evening and had Tempura, Dim Sum (very recommendable), Canonese Duck and some Oyster Sauce sliced veal. Accompanying our dinner was a 2004 Orot Crianza for healthy 26 Euros.

Food: Excellent were the Dim Sum served on some kind of a mustard sauce and also the duck. Veal and tempura pretty normal

Service: Generally good, they were sometimes a bit slow with the re-filling of the wine, but food service and the invitation for a “copa” on the house was nice.

Points: 8 out of 10

Asia Gallery @ Westin Website

Asia Gallery, Plaza de las Cortes, 7, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Phone: 91 360 00 49